The EWB-USA High Plains Professional Chapter is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to service and ease poverty, stabilize communities, and promote prosperity worldwide.
The program is a volunteer base effort devoted to developing projects that provide people around the world with access to basic necessities such as food, clean water, power, sanitation, and shelter.
EWB–High Plains Professional Chapter relies on the generosity of individuals, who contribute their time, talents, and monetary donations, to support and develop the design, engineering, and construction of small but highly effective community-sustainable projects that improve quality of life. The projects, which entail a strong environmental-, cultural-, and diversity-stewardship component, focus on making fundamental improvements to the lives of people around the world through environmentally conscious engineering endeavors.
By operating as a professional chapter of EWB-USA, EWB–High Plains Professional Chapter has access to international projects that are recommended by local communities around the world. Once projects are completed, volunteers train local community members, in-country non-governmental organizations, and others to monitor and maintain the projects.
Our chapter is led by dedicated individuals who serve on the chapter's executive committee. Additional employee volunteers support the initiative by working on projects (both in the field and remotely) and administrative positions on chapter committees.



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